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Big John - 7 Outlets

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Big John

Power Supply

Bigger power supply for effect pedals from CIOKS with 7 outlets. All outlets are with well filtered, regulated, common ground 9V DC and yield a maximum current of 600mA. Good choice for a slightly bigger setup or board, but with no exotic pedals with non standard operating voltage. Big John is able to supply the Mod- or TimeFactor Eventide pedal, Alesis FX or Octavius Squeezer from Chunk Systems, just to name a few higher current 9V DC pedals. A few pedals from Moog also need 9V DC with a quite high current, where the Big John would be a good choice.

The red Power LED shows if the power supply is connected to mains. The green Check indicator warns you about overload or short circuit. A glance and you know everything is all right.




great selection of Flex cables as accessories

two LED status indicators (Power and Check)

overload and short circuit protected


2m mains cable

7 Flex cables included


Output voltage: 7x9V DC (regulated)

Output current: max. 600mA total from all 7 outlets


Size: 130x75x40mm

Weight: 550g

Warranty period: 2 years


Order number:

6000 CIOKS Big John - Power supply for effect pedals with 7 outlets, 7x9V / 600mA


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Big John - 7 Outlets

Big John - 7 Outlets

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