Hard Case 16 Plus - 81x41cm Visualizza ingrandito

Hard Case 16 Plus - 81x41cm

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Every Pedal Space unit comes with Velcro® type adhesive tapes and Colson® type cable ties to install your pedals and cables to the frame.



depth: 41 cm

length: 81 cm

height: 10 cm

weight: 3 kg 


• All aluminum

• Ultra-light

• Super-resistant

• Rail system for better placement and wiring

• Raised back side with holes to install power supplies and hold cables (see our optional kits)



depth: 48 cm

length: 99 cm

height: 23 cm

weight: 14,5 kg 


• Plywood

• Reinforced edges

• Metal protection corners

• Ultra-tough metal locking system

• Transport wheels

• Extra compartment to store wires, cables, straps, etc.


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Hard Case 16 Plus - 81x41cm

Hard Case 16 Plus - 81x41cm

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