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ZeroPik - Plettro Carbon “FingerDrive”


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The exclusive “FingerDrive” polygonal center hole design (Pat. Pend.) allows you to physically enter inside the pick with your fingers

and drive it across the strings for a total picking control.

Experience a new no-pick-between-fingers handling sensation...



ZeroPik™ advantages in 3 points:


• Dramatically improved grip

“FingerDrive” center hole design prevents pick to slip away from your fingers or move from ideal grip position

yet providing absolutely smooth-at-touch handling feel.


• Unmatched tone control

Specific carbon composite material rigidity ensures a better mechanical control on strings

while attack and tone can be sensitively varied by fingers pressure changes on “FingerDrive” center hole inner borders.

Total playing feel and performance accuracy on both electric and acoustic guitar.


• Picks faster, lasts longer

Carbon composite low friction properties allows the pick to flow faster on strings, also reducing tip wear in time.


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ZeroPik - Plettro Carbon “FingerDrive”

ZeroPik - Plettro Carbon “FingerDrive”

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