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BackTrack is an easy-to-use portable digital recorder that provides total inspiration control for musicians.


Typical flash, MP3 and cassette recorders can be complicated, expensive and unreliable when put to the test. They offer low-quality sound and no intuitive way to keep recordings organized. Designed for guitarists by guitarists, BackTrack solves each one of these historic problems.


BackTrack boasts pro-grade features including a super-quiet 1/4-inch input, a 1/4-inch output for immediate playback, a "Mark" button to organize your best ideas on-the-fly, a "Play" button for instant replay, better-than-CD-quality audio, a rugged flash memory, lightning-fast USB 2.0 for importing audio to your DAW while the internal battery recharges... traditional recording devices wish they could be BackTrack.


Best of all, BackTrack is incredibly easy to use. It's always on, and always listening, so there's no need for a Record button. When inspiration strikes - at rehearsal, in the car, anytime at all - BackTrack is armed and ready. What good is a recording device if it's not ready when you are?



• Up to stunning 24-bit, 48 kHz audio

• Up to 12 hours of audio capture
• 1/4-inch guitar input
• 1/4-inch output
• Drag .WAV files to your computer via USB 2.0
• Rechargeable via USB
• Over 8 hours of battery life
• Looped playback



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